5 Everyday Things Scarier Than Any Fictional Monster

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Mack Moyer

If you’re here, you love the horror genre. I sure do. Yet it’s rare for any tommyknocking cenobite or angry Slender-Person to actually give me the creeps.

The real world is far more terrifying. All those killer dolls and zombie hordes are relaxing in the face of, say, having the poop sweats at work.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Grocery Shopping Alone on a Sunday Morning – You wake up before sunrise feeling good, energized even, ready to get an early start on next week’s errands. You might even head to Planet Fitness for a run on the treadmill…because this time you’re going to stick with it.

Hopeful that today won’t be as crushingly depressing as the last, you drive to the grocery store.

Is the cute 18-year-old girl working the returns counter staring at you, wondering why you’re here this early, this alone on…

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