15 Ways To Know Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Is Perfectly Adequate

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The Office: Season ThreeThe Office: Season Three

1. You only have to scold them for rudely focusing on their phone at dinner once or twice before they wise up and put it away.

2. They’re super supportive of your goals and dreams — unless they like, disagree with the choice you’re making or whatever, but besides that, they’re so encouraging.

3. They’ve got their own goals and dreams that they might not necessarily be actively chasing, but they talk about them semi-enthusiastically every few weeks or so.

4. When you say “I love you” they romantically reply “Me too” or “Ditto” or “Samesies.”

5. They have an actual, definitive personality and they’re confident being the unique individual they are in life… Y’know, like “whiskey lover” or “enjoys traveling” or “guy with a beard.”

6. They don’t twist your words during arguments. I mean, they might give you a recap of what you just said…

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