The 5 Emotional Stages Of Updating Your Instagram App

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I dunno why, maybe it’s because I’m the laziest bitch on the planet or something, but I hate updating my apps. It feels like I’m being punished or something and for what—some bugs that only nerds noticed are now fixed? Forget it!

Here’s the emotional rollercoaster I, and most likely three or four other people, feel when it’s time to update their Insta:

Stage 1: Instagram won’t open. When I click on it, it will flash for a second, like it’s going to open, but then it’ll bring me back to the home screen. I think I probably have to update it, but I don’t want to check right now. Once I check, then I’ll know for sure that I have to update and I’d rather die than update my apps. I can’t think of anything more boring.

Stage 2: I took a really funny picture from an…

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